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The corporation conception:

We set protecting global environment as a main target while we are working arduously to develop our career.

To contribute to social welfare ,we provide customers with high-quality products at a reasonable price which can satisfy customers at a very large extent.

We make predictions about social change ,and meet the potential challenge with passion.

We cultivate personality and creativity of workers by laying importance on human itself.

We acquire profit in an equitable and reasonable way and distribute it in the same way.

Development History:

1995 Baoding Juheng Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd established.

1997 The company introduced two production lines of wide-range PVC calendered film.

2000 The company was listed as "the first level of key Production enterprise" by the country party comittee and country government.

2001 The company won the 6th conference of trustworthy products selected by customers of Hebei Province.

2003 The company was listed as "top ten enterprises " by the country party and country government.

2004 The company introduced 3 spraying cloth adhering Production lines.

2006 The company imported a series of detection equipment an d founded quality testing center.

2008 We took the lead in introducing 6 static dust collector machine and a suit of desulfuration and denitration equipment.

>2014 The first branch company established.

2015 The company introduced wide-range PVC calendered film Production line, elastic Plastic Production line and auxiliary equipment.

2016 The company introduced one environmental-friendly Plastic Production line and one set of auxiliary equipment.

The company won the vice-chairman corporation title of the Plastic Floor Branch of China's association of decorative building materials.

The company entered top 100 enterprises of China's Home Decoration materials.

The company became the chosen brand of China's green building materials and consumer protection project.

2017 The company introduced wide-range environmental-friendly ink printing machine.


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