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Baoding Juheng Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production of PVC sheet flooring factory, the company is located in Xiongxian Dongcheng Economic Development Zone, a total investment of 450 million yuan, covers an area of 245 acres, a construction area of 40,000 square meters, Construction area of 60,000 square meters, three construction area of 60,000 square meters, the establishment of a 160,000 square meters of modern production base.

The company has seven PVC film production line, PVC coil floor production line 4, casting a composite equipment, large-scale five-color printing equipment 3, the first ultra-wide (2200mm) thermal transfer printing press 2, wide Printing and printing equipment 4 sets. More than 340 employees, of which 36 engineering and technical staff and 15 new product research and development staff, to ensure a stable product quality to provide a solid foundation.

PVC film floor products used in the film, are self-produced products to ensure the cost advantage at the same time more effective control of the finished product quality, and according to customer needs, custom different colors, embossed, different thickness of PVC sheet flooring. The company took the lead in the introduction of environmentally friendly ink printing presses, and to ensure product stability at the same time to do a more environmentally friendly PVC coil flooring, and has successfully developed anti-iodine PVC sheet flooring, super wear-resistant PVC sheet flooring, super Anti-stained PVC sheet flooring and so on a series of more environmentally friendly, more beautiful, more reliable, with high cost and long period of use PVC sheet flooring, to meet different customer groups higher standards of product demand.

Juheng people always believe that green development is the enterprise's bounden social responsibility, the company participated in a wide range of social welfare activities, and actively explore a more healthy development. The company invested tens of millions of funds to introduce the most advanced cooling water circulation system and air purification system, sewage 0 emissions, atmospheric treatment reached the international advanced level, the real business to the green production of sustainable development.

Juheng corporate philosophy

1. While striving to develop our cause, we will protect the global environment as a major goal

2. To provide customers with high quality products at reasonable prices and to provide customers with the greatest satisfaction, in order to contribute to social welfare

3. We anticipate changes in society and meet passionate challenges in the future

4. Cultivate individuality and creativity by emphasizing the importance of people

5. Obtain fair and reasonable profits and distribute these profits on an equal footing


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